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About this site

OpenFinData was started as a for-profit company (registered in the UK), under a socially minded approach, although this was never formalised. The company has now been shutdown, and the project aims to continue as a non-profit one.

You can get in touch via email.

Our bias

Publicly traded companies have an enormous impact on the world (both good and bad). In the current state of the world, it is difficult not to see the negative effects companies have on the climate, on the environment, on social exploitation... Corporate leaders usually say they do what their shareholders tell them to do, yet it's very difficult to know who these shareholders are, and who actually has a say in how companies should behave. This has a variety of causes, multiplicity of layers between investors and investees, lack of data, etc...

OpenFinData focuses on building a centralised dataset about public corporate ownership. While similar efforts already exist with somewhat different focuses, there does not seem to be anything signifcant in this specific section of the financial world that is publicly available, searchable and reusable. We aim to collaborate with those efforts, not compete with them.

Our goal is to make this data openly available, so that others may use it for research, advocacy, or simply understanding what they are a part of.

It is our hope that by shining a light on the mindboggling amounts of money that flow through investment funds, we can help shift investments from polluting and abusive corporations to climate and socially focused ones.