About OpenFinData How we got here

OpenFinData was born from a simple question: "where are my savings invested?"

It turned out that answering this question was far from easy. The challenges are many, but the first one is the accessibility of holding data.

Unless you have access to very expensive financial information services, you are left with manually searching the web for documentation that is most often hidden deep in websites, with no obvious links to access them. Worse, even when you find the document, they're often in formats that make it virtually impossible to use the information in them, for instance to compare various funds and decide which one you want to invest in.

OpenFinData was created to make this search easy and quick. We do the hard work of finding the data sources, collecting them, cleaning the data and connecting elements together. Our API allows you to query the holdings of a variety of funds in a single request that will be the same for any fund, regardless of its provider or domiciliation country.