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Welcome to OpenFinData

OpenFinData stands for Open Financial Data. The site aims to aggregate financial data with a view to understand who owns what, particularly who owns major companies.

If you are looking to get rich quick, this site is most likely not useful for you. If you want to understand how your money is contributing to climate change, social injustice and other critical problems, then keep reading.

Starting with "why"...

Companies, particularly big (huge) publicly traded companies, have an outsized impact on society, the environment, climate, etc... They are supposed to report to and work in the best interest of their owners (also known as shareholders). There are many problems here, but one of them is that it is very difficult to know who these owners are. Most likely, you are among them, through a complex web of investment funds, pension plans and savings accounts.

The goal of OpenFinData is to collect publicly available data from around the internet, aggregate it and make it easily usable to help as many people as possible understand what is done with their money, and take informed decisions about it.

What information can I find?

See the Data section for details.